Majorca from a bird's eye view


The excursion begins with a welcome session at the official Manacor hot air balloon where our team will explain all the details of the ballooning. We will inform you of all the security measures and characteristics of this exciting trip. 

The assembly of the aerostats, the baskets, the burners and the tarpaulins are one of the most exciting parts of this adventure that will stay with you forever. You can even help to assemble it if you wish. The pilots will give you instructions and this is your chance to imagine yourself back in the day as one of the Montgolfier brothers. 

Enjoy a fabulous flight, which encloses a romantic adventure in slow motion. An incredible feeling of freedom and peace that will remain in your heart forever, an experience truly out of this world. 

Flight duration: approximately 1 hour of flight. Minimum age: 4 years.